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It can be relatively mazy when folks are moving away from their home to go to school. Aside from losing friends and relatives, people can also find it hard to feel settled and comfortable when residing at a dormitory or in someone’s house. Fortunately, dorm rooms and student housing can only cause these issues to worsen.

We at Friends of MS Charities believe rooms are where the heart is, so our student housing plans help students create a cozy and comfortable living environment. All kinds of furniture options are available, making it simple to outfit your rooms in style while staying within your budget.

We decided to carve a cost-effective dorm room out for beginners. We set up the Deseret Industries selection to prove it.

Step 1: Assess Your Space and Needs

Before heading to your local design consignment store, you should familiarize yourself with the room you’ll be working in. You’ll also want to carefully consider what you expect to be done with this specific space. And you should provide an overview of your preferred design themes and color schemes to help you see the space’s potential. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself about the room, your preferences, and your design preferences:

  • Where will I do my homework?
  • What activities will I be doing in my room? (e.g., eating, reading, drawing, watching TV, etc.)
  • Is there a window in my room? What direction does it face?
  • Do I need to adjust my design preferences to accommodate a roommate?
  • What kind of lighting does my room have?
  • What items can I bring from home?
  • How much storage space do I have, and where is it?

In our case, the university student liked exploring areas that offered reading content, watching TV, eating, and completing her homework. She preferred doing these activities in her room rather than in the common areas.

Since the bed and internal wall were separated, we were able to secure the shading concession with this article. Our other roommate had the bed against the inside wall, so we incorporated the shading agreement with the double bed. She was very easygoing about our student’s decorative choices, too.

After we entered the room, we noticed that one overhead light was particularly harsh. We realized we wanted to invest in softer lighting options, so we borrowed a couple of ball-shaped fairy lights that our student had brought from home, two small rugs, and a couple of other d cor items.

We finally found an area for our study storage. On top of this shelf was shelving in the headboard and space in the closet. The student is studying art, so she needs storage options for her paints and supplies. In addition, she required a tool to store her towels and other things we frequently use (i.e., scarves, car keys, lip balm, etc.) and a way to organize her office supplies and medical items.

Step 2: Find a DI (or other thrift stores) near you

Now that you’ve gained a better idea of what you are dealing with, it’s time to visit DI. 

When outfitting a whole room, we say to start with linens. While thrift shops often have fewer options, expect to find comforters and bed sheets still. We started that way.

We wanted something reasonably neutral, and our student had clarified that she didn’t mind light blues paired with browns, tans, whites, and grays. 

Luckily, we found a light blue comforter with a brown stripe. In addition, we could see a neutral white and gray sheet set and pillows in various neutral tones.

We were fortunate enough to find a backrest pillow that matched our bed d cor, which we located would be perfect for our student who likes to do everything on her bed. 

Once we’d gone through our DI in search of wall d cor items and curtains that were complementary to the bedding we’d chosen, we also found storage containers in various shades of blue, gray, and neutral colors.

Step 3: Supplement with Items from Other Stores

While a good thrift store may be perfect for your needs, there is probably no way you could get everything you need from the local one. So even when your budget reins in your financial constraints, you can still enhance your thrifting finds with items you buy from elsewhere.

According to our information, we highly recommend shopping around to find the best deals. We ended up with some beautiful curtain fairy lights, a modest number of houseplants, a lap desk, some vase filler at local stores, a home d cor store, and a discount store. We also wanted to make over a Decor piece from DI with some different yarn(also bought at the local craft store).

We also had to go to the store for common items found in a dorm room, including command strips, wall tacks, and batteries.

Step 4: The Fun Part

Gathered your dungeon supplies and valuables. Now it is time to prepare those decorations! 

We recommend beginning with the storage space. After dividing up the rooms, look at where each container must fit and what will go inside. Focusing on this step ensured we could use the bed to reach the higher shelves without stepping on our new bedding.

Then we were able to begin hanging wall decor. When hanging wall decor, it’s critical that the party aware of what is prohibited in the dorms. For example, while some residence halls have rules allowing nails, others are inclined to forbid them. We recommend using command strips whenever possible since they alleviate damage and make it simple to reposition your doctor if you run into an issue. Make sure you’re using enough command strips to support the weight of your item! 

For some decor items, you may have to get creative regarding how to attach them to the wall. For example, while we preferred a curtain rod to hang our curtains and fairy lights, holes in the wall could not be drilled or nailed. But we also knew the curtains and lights would not stick to a command strip.

Our solution involved layering command strips strategically along the room’s walls, then using thumbtacks to attach the curtains and lights to the stripes. This solution left the holes in the walls intact while enabling us to secure the curtains and lights.

The Bottom Line

Once we finished the task, we enjoyed the outcome. We particularly appreciated that we did not have to break the bank to get our student everything she needed.

For students, thrifting can be a way to transform a plain dorm room into your haven. Show us which items you’ve repurposed by posting pictures of your remodel to our social media!

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